The Impact of Fast Fashion:

 Globally, 80% of all clothing ends up in landfills. Due to the rise of fast fashion over last 20 years, the amount of textile waste in America alone has doubled from 7 to 14 million tons. In 2018, 17 million tons of textile waste ended up in American landfills, which contributed to 5.8% of the total municipal solid waste (MSW) that year. Those textiles then take up to 200+ years to decompose, all while they leach harmful chemicals and dyes into our soil and water. According to the World Resources Institute it takes about 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton shirt. From farming raw materials such as cotton to the washing, bleaching, dying and treating of textiles this process releases immense amounts of chemicals and pesticides into our land, air and water.


Recycle or Upcycle?

 Upcycling is one of the most sustainable options for our environment.  Recycling and upcycling are often used interchangeably but they are very different. Although recycling is good for the environment the process still requires energy. When you upcycle, you save natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For every 1 ton of textiles that are upcycled it prevents 20 tons of CO2 from entering our atmosphere.


What is Upcycling?

 Upcycling is the process of modifying an “old” item to create a “new” item of more value with an extended life.


How We Can Help

 It can be really difficult to know if you are making sustainable shopping decisions. At Sol we make it that much easier for you. Our silk items are made from 100% upcycled saris. Nothing is mass produced and you help to support small family businesses in South East Asia. We believe in making a more sustainable future while capturing rich culture and mixing it with beautiful modern styles for your everyday wardrobe.