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Magenta/Silver Brocade Silk Hooded Robe

Magenta/Silver Brocade Silk Hooded Robe

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This regal magenta and silver silk robe gives luxury and comfort. The perfect eye catching festival outfit or lavish lounge wear.


What is Upcycled?

(of discarded objects or material) reused in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.


Why Upcycled is Sustainable:

  •  Reduces waste going into landfills
  • Helps preserve natural resources
  • Reduces  air, water and soil pollution
  • Supports small businesses instead of fast fashion factories
  • Each piece is one of a kind


Our silk items are handmade from 100% Upcycled Saris. Every piece is one of a kind and filled with personality, no two are the same. We have selected each pattern and style, capturing the richness of Indian culture and mixing it with beautiful boho styles for your everyday wardrobe.

Material: 100% Brocade Silk

Size: Free Size 

Dimensions: Shoulders 20"/ Sleeve 24"/Armhole 18"/ Length 52"/ Tie 100"

Please Be Advised our silk items are made from upcycled materials meaning there may be slight imperfections in the fabric

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